No Easy Way Out

by Not Til Death

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released October 10, 2015


all rights reserved



Not Til Death Nanticoke, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Deep
Begging for sweet surrender, eternal bliss. A true lover, it's always there. Acceptance is not necessary. Drag me down as I smile. Destroy everyone around me. Sit back wait to fade away. The distance is all around me. The deep sets me free. We'll all die, but not like this. Chosen path since I was young. Damnation and disease, brought by myself. The deep sets me free. Ticking away on my life - crimson sand. Body turns cold, motionless - I've come too far. Dreams can come true but it will cost you. Settle down for a lifetime. Nothing will make you feel the same. The distance is all around me. The deep sets me free.
Track Name: Exiled
Sick of your existence. Soon the slate will wash clean. I survived through extermination. There's only one way this ends. Your actions cancel your words. Faulted by what you've done. I won't be a product of my surroundings. This environment will not consume me. Sick of every fucking waste of life I see - that won't be me. You made your choice. I should have kept my arms closed. Should never question my instincts. Despite what most people said, I always knew what you would turn out to be. Popularity reflects the ability not to stand on your own. The comfort of whoever worships you. Accept whoever you get. How does it feel to wake up everyday and know you're all the same . You have nothing that's your own. Not a trace of who you were, there's no chance for redemption. Now there's nothing left of you.
Track Name: Wasted Words
I rose from the icy bottoms, but my heart's still cold. I try to walk these hollowed streets, but I'm forced to go it alone. I don't have to follow. I don't need to care for you. For the ones who crucified me - remember me, you're just like me. Nothings changed, you're still the fucking same. Fall face first, engulfed by the flames. The end is coming. Heed all my words, the one's who betrayed wasted my words. Told you before how things should be. You turned your back. Ignored the wise, it fell on deaf ears. Nothing has changed. Trapped in this hell, judged for eternity.
Track Name: On The Attack
Hypocrites yet never felt this pain. But I'll be laughing when I'm on my feet again. This world's brought me nothing cause I've done so wrong. I'll seek vengeance on your sharpened tongues. Searching and searching for something pure. I won't stop until I'm on my feet again. Do what I will and try as might. Nothing is resolved, no end to this fight. Reached my breaking my point. I won't hold my thoughts back. Forever, always on the attack. Down on my life and down on my luck. No matter what I do, everything gets fucked. A bitter man losing control. Soul searching and finding nothing taking it's toll. Every day is a fight to find where I belong and some peace of mind. I needed you, you never had my back. Get out of my way, I'm on the attack.
Track Name: Alone and Cold
Betrayed for the last time, I won't give in. I put my trust in you, and what can I show. These years of heartache - you'll never know what it's like to suffer, what you've done to me. What made you think I wouldn't last without you now. What makes you think I'd never stand alone. You took my life and took my pride. I'm broken down but never beat. You've learned not to turn your back. Everything we've done is dead to me. A fake motherfucker with a weak as grin, get on your knees and beg for your sins. I can't stand to look at you, the face of what I once called a friend. I will never forgive and I can never forget this feeling of being betrayed. I'll stand over your lifeless body, as you spend the rest of your days alone and cold.
Track Name: In Memoriam
And for the rest of days I'll wake and I'll live for you. Sometimes I can't take it but I do what I got to do. A voice so young, unspoken, but lives in this song. I'll pray for you always so you still shine on.
Track Name: Isolated
I'm outcast no matter how I feel. Isolated and I'll never get out of this place. Anxiety around the ones I love. No need for human connection. Constantly wallow. I can't seem to find the drive. Stricken with fear. As I wait patiently for my fate. Isolated. I'll never get out of this place.
Track Name: The Bearer
I never knew that one could feel so much fucking pain. Until the day I had to stare down at your graves. Memories of what things were, were all that filled my head. To know you're gone and all the words I left unsaid. So many questions about your time. They still beat my head. My only peace at mind is that one day I'll be with you. The bearer of these words until we meet. I look to my side and it's hard to see that you're not there. But that's selfishness, you've been set free and will no longer feel pain. To go on and on and to carry on for you is the promise of the bearer. And now as I lower you. Our final goodbyes, I'll see you on the other side.
Track Name: Stronger Than Ever
A quick escape for what I've done. Took the last step, because you know I won't take 12. Since then I've learned my ways. That in this there's a fight. But take a look around me, my word is all I got. Stronger than ever. If I go out you're coming with me. Built myself off of rage and depression. Still with a heavy heart. Temptation is not enough. I forge through with a better mind the best that I know how. 23 years, a life full of sin, but I'm stronger than ever. Walked down the wrong path and felt like I'd never win but I'm finally stronger than ever. Forge through with a better mind. All I need is by my side. Trial and error, repeat the process until I become stronger than ever.
Track Name: That Sinking Feeling
The crossroads of giving up or finally settling down. Find solitude and embrace what you know will unfold. Try to find peace. I still can't find peace in my failures. It's not an illusion, it's a haunting vision of how it seems that I'm the only one who fucking burns. That sinking feeling I know too well. I can still feel this at my fingers. How much further down do I have to go. How can I, how will I, fall further down. Give me a sign that I"m still breathing. As every day seems that same, and I have no reason to think that tomorrow is promised. Each day is brutally honest. But time keeps moving so slow and down's the way to go. My bitter thoughts have finally turned into actions. All I can do is hope to find the satisfaction of some soul to help me from withering away. Someone please come and take me away. Show me what it's like to feel a love that's actually real. The biterness has consumed my daily thinking, I won't look for reasoning. Stagnant and stubbornly still. No effort changing when it's so far away. I still can't feel, and I still don't feel like there is an easy way out.

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